Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hi James
Sorry for havent't being submitted my final image caption and share link of the UT environment in time. I went back to China and got very sick maybe beacuse haven't acclimatize to the local environment. Am I being able to finish my model and post everything on the blog in following two days, hope u can understand. Many thanks.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seoul shares ended 2.4 percent higher on Wednesday, halving earlier 5 percent gains after a Democrat win the U.S. presidential election as investors looked ahead to Korean/U.S. trade issues under President Barack Obama. This increase also followed the distincitve investment made by Muiccia prada. Exhibiting its flair for the dramatic while pushing the boundaries between architecture and fashion, Prada unveiled Wednesday its tetrahedron-shaped Transformer on the grounds of an ancient Korean palace in central Seoul. Prada is spending $10 million on the much-hyped project, a collaborative venture with Rem Koolhaas’ firm Office for Metropolitan Architecture. Also, in another episode of aid in times of ecomonic struggle, U.S. pop star Madonna has donated a "substantial sum" to the victims of Monday's earthquake in central Italy, her London publicist said on Wednesday.

Obama: (accessed 10.05.09)

Prada: (accessed 10.05.09)

Madonna: (accessed 10.05.09)


Dinning Table and Chair

Obama's office

Obama's elevator:

Prada's space(I don't know why I can't improt into the UT map)

Prada's office
draft for meeting space

draft for Obama

draft for obama elevator 2
this elevator will rise with the other part of the elevator but will separte from the other part as it touches the main strcture

draft for Prada
Obama's office

Prada's officeMeeting space

in the Space for Obama i have created a structure on top of 50 stars that represent the 50 states that Obama have power over and the elevator rises through these stars into his office the glass material used to make the structure allows him to have a full view of the surrounding environment that he owns.

the space i created for Prada is in a jewel shape but the exteior and interior is all very smooth and there is no soft edges representing fabric that she works with all the time. the space is also very open which she likes, like how she designed her LA Prada store.

the meeting space is made so that it can accomodate the both of the clients
it is a very tall structure symbolizing they are at the peak of there couriers and also the structure spans out at the end covering a large area annotating that their power spreads into a large variety of areas.

Elevators plus table and chairs